Week 4 – 3. Technical: Complete Quiz 4

Did you find the questions difficult? Did you have any problems in specific areas?

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 2.55.44 pm

I had trouble with Question 2 this week, and got it wrong on two attempts. I think that the problem was that I overthought the question, and also got confused between the sections of the textbook and the meaning of the word ‘redundant’.

I think that I was a little thrown by the use of the word ‘ludicrous’, as I guess I thought it sounded subjective, as not everyone would think it to necessarily be ‘laughable’.


Week 4 – 2. Inquiry: Review the two pieces

Review the following two pieces and respond to the questions on your blog.

a. What do you think could be the main issues with this poorly written entertainment news story?

‘Robert Pattinson talks about his new film, The Rover, with Dave O’Neil’ by Dave O’Neil, for The Sydney Morning Herald

Firstly, I honestly think that this may have been the worst article featured on a major newspaper website that I have ever read. O’Neil was obviously aiming for witty and interesting, but unfortunately for him, he missed completely and instead fell into boring and cringe-worthy. The headline ‘Robert Pattinson talks about his new film, The Rover, with Dave O’Neil’ suggests an interview, however the content of the article includes a lot of illogical and unnecessary descriptions and observations of the location and to bodyguard accompanying ‘RPatz’ – as he so annoyingly refers to him. The article completely ignores the idea of providing the essential details and relevant information in clear and succinct paragraphs (Ames, 2015).

The other main problem is that the article is far too self-focused. Robert Pattinson barely gets a word in for this so-called interview. In Eve Fairbanks’ interview with AJR, she says that first-person journalling can be a very easy way to lose the interest of the reader, and forget to include the average person’s view (Levy, 2014). O’Neil’s problem is that he tried too hard to make himself the focus or the article which goes against the rule that Ames (2015) states, that a journalist’s job is to be objective, and to not allow themselves to become the news.

Overall, I think the first-person approach to this article, the lack of an actual interview, and no real facts are the main issues that lead to this being such a poorly written article.

b. What do you think is good about this well-written media release?

‘Drought worst in living memory: AgForce survey’ by AgForce

There are many things that work in this article, but I think the main point is that the writer uses short sentences and paragraphs, which sticks to the general rule of one idea to a sentence, and one sentence to a paragraph (Ames, 2015).

There is also the use of well researched facts which as Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith (2012) suggest, provides credibility for the newspaper or company backing the article. The five Ws and H are clearly introduced and continually discussed throughout the article.

Unlike O’Neil’s article, there is no first-person journalling, and opinion is kept out of the story all together.

Overall, it is a very strong article, and I would not be able to suggest any changes that would improve its quality.

Reference List 

Berkman, A 2015, ‘Drought worst in living memory: AgForce survey’ AgForce, 20 May 2015, viewed 7 August 2015, http://www.agforceqld.org.au/index.php?tgtPage=news&id=view,478

Ames, K 2015, Week 4 – Writing news, course notes, COMM11007 Media Writing, CQUniversity e-courses, http://moodle.cqu.edu.au/

Levy, Dustin, 2014, ‘Vice, and the Trend of First-Person Journalism’ Accessed 7 August 2015, http://ajr.org/2014/12/01/vice-trend-first-person-journalism/

O’Neil, D 2014, ‘Robert Pattinson talks about his new film, The Rover, with Dave O’Neil’ The Sydney Morning Herald, June 16 2014, viewed 7 August 2015, http://www.smh.com.au/entertainment/robert-pattinson-talks-about-his-new-film-the-rover-with-dave-oneil-20140619-zs99j.html

Whitaker, W. Richard, Janet E. Ramsey and Ronald D. Smith 2012, Media Writing: Print, Broadcast, and Public Relations, 4th edn, Routledge, New York.

Week 4 – 1. Practical: Practical: Plan your Stories and Prepare for Assessment 3

a. Identify two possible events that you could cover for Assessment 3.

The two possible events that I could cover are the Bundaberg Multicultural Festival (30th August, 9am-4pm) and the Bundy Flavours Festival (13th September, 9am-3pm). I think that I shall attend both of these events and cover both, and then choose which one I was able to collect the best content for. These are their websites:

Bundaberg Multicultural Festival

Bundy Flavours Festival

b. Plan how you will cover each event. Do some research and write a background paragraph on these events. 

The Bundaberg Multicultural Festival first began in 1992 and has been expanding ever since. It is a combination of hundreds of stalls selling both handmade goods and foods from varying cultures, and performances from many different cultural groups. Because of the wide range of activities and performances available, I believe that I should have no trouble at all collecting an ample amount of information and media to tweet about and then curate on my Storify account.

The Bundy Flavours Festival is now onto its third year of celebrating fresh produce and supporting local companies. A week long schedule of cooking classes leads up to the one day festival held in Alexandra Park, which will be hosted by celebrity chefs Matt Golinski and Alastair McLeod, and gardener Annette McFarlane. An interview or at least quote from one of these figures would be beneficial to include. The festival also has its own hashtag which will allow me to view media from other attendees.

c. Review whether you need to get accredited for either event (if so, start the process), because some events restrict cameras. It’s usually not hard to get accredited, so we encourage you to do so if needed.

No accreditation is required for either event.

d. Identify the main parts of the event (eg. Speech/launch/game/presentation).

The main part of the Bundaberg Multicultural festival are the performances which generally take place up on the main stage.

Whilst the program for the Bundy Flavours Festival has not yet been released, I believe that the main even will involve the celebrity chefs cooking, or the final of the cooking competition.

e. Identify the people you will try to get a short quote and photo from/of to record on Twitter (eg. one family, one organizer, one participant).

At the Bundaberg Multicultural Festival I would like to get a quote from at least 1 organiser, 2 performers, 2 stallholders and 2 families so that I have plenty to cover.

At the Bundy Flavours Festival I would like to get a quote from 2 organisers, 1 celebrity chef (if possible), 2 stallholders and 2 families.

f. Watch the ‘Why you should plan’ short video on the course website. On your blog, list the three main points from Kate as to why planning is important.

Time flies so planning ahead is super important.

  1. Main events: You should identify the main events ahead of time so that you do not miss covering the parts that would be most valuable to include in your story.
  2.  Schedules: You should obtain a schedule as early as possible before the event so that you can plan out your time spent attending and also, if needed, choose the more important or content rich events to attend if two or more are on at the one time.
  3. Accreditation: Check whether you need formal accreditation to attend the event as someone working in the media! Otherwise, you may not be able to take your camera in and gather all of the media that you need to create a successful story. Even if it is a small, local event, you should still notify at least one organiser so that there is no confusion on the day as to who you are and what you are doing.

g. You should provide a summary of your planning on your blog

Bundaberg Multicultural Festival:

  • Sunday 30th August, 9am-4pm
  • Will attend during middle hours from 11am-2pm (this will be subject to change if the program is released)
  • Will contact Multicultural Festival Organisers to gain informal accreditation and organise to interview an organiser
    (Rotary Club of Bundaberg Sunrise
    PO Box 2485
    Bundaberg QLD 4670)
  • Aiming to interview 1 organiser, 2 performers, 2 stallholders and 2 families

Bundy Flavours Festival:

  • Sunday 13th September, 9am-3pm
  • Will attend during middle hours from 11am-2pm (this will be subject to change once the program is released)
  • Will contact organisers on 1300 883 699 or events.admin@bundaberg.qld.gov.au to gain informal accreditation and see if there is anyway to have a quick interview with celebrity chefs and/or organisers
  • Aiming to interview 2 organisers, 1 celebrity chef (if possible), 2 stallholders and 2 families.