Week 1 – 2. Inquiry: Different Purpose/Different Writing

Review and compare the way the same story is presented in different ways:

The first article, NRL takes control of Gold Coast Titans, written by the NRL and featured on their website, is aimed toward fans of both the team and the sport itself. The writers have tried to take a very positive angle on the story to ensure the fans that everything is running smoothly in the NRL scene. This can be seen in the use of quotes such as ‘”The only difference for Titans fans is that they will have the security of knowing their team has a long term future on the Gold Coast,” Mr Smith said,’ and ‘”This move will give the club a fresh start with the certainty that the players, staff and fans want”‘ (NRL 2015). This article could be perhaps be considered to be ‘propaganda’ for the NRL as the article uses a subtle amount of ‘spin’ (Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith 2012, pp. 8-9), as there was no mention of the drug scandal that had plagued the team earlier in the week. The key message that the NRL was trying to communicate was that there was no reason for fans to panic or lose support for the team or the sport, no matter what had been portrayed in the media.

The second article Five-year blueprint convinced NRL boss to save Titans just weeks before Gold Coast NRL club would have folded, by the Gold Coast Bulletin was aimed at Gold Coast locals, both fans of the team and others who do not take an interest in the sport or team. This article also takes a fairly positive angle on the situation, most likely due to slight bias as the Titans are their local NRL team. This is could be considered a case of  slight ‘Social Influence’ in which the residents of the Gold Coast have created an ‘artificial reality’ for themselves (Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith 2012, p. 4). In this reality the writers are attempting to convince their readers and themselves that the issues that the Titans are facing aren’t as bad as the rest of the media is making them out to be, hence the rejection of mass-media portrayals (Whitaker, Ramsey and Smith 2012, p. 4).

The final article, Gold Coast Titans taken over by NRL, placed in voluntary administration after drugs scandal, written by the ABC takes a slightly less biased, mass-media approach toward the story. The audience that this story is aimed toward would be nationwide news readers which would include enthusiasts of the sport, sponsors and investors and the rest of the general public. Being a reliable news source on a national level and even on a global level, helps to ensure that the ABC presents facts and figures and does not eliminate significant parts of the story, unlike the lack of mention of the drug scandal in the first article.

Reference List

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Week 1 – 1. Practical: Introduction

Hey! My name is Dana Bishop, I’m 19 and I live in Bundaberg.  I am studying a Bachelor of Digital Media externally at CQU. This is my first term here after transferring from QUT, and I look forward to learning how things work at CQU.

I always enjoyed studying English at school, and I found written assignments were my strength as I have always been interested in the likes of grammar, language and creative writing. My hopes for this course are that I will be able to continue to learn more about these subjects at a tertiary level, and that I will be well equipped to write for social media when I eventually graduate and enter the industry.