Week 9 – 2. Practical: Review a peer’s Storify submission

Who do you think is the audience? What did you learn about the event? What else (if anything) could be included that would make the story more interesting or have more impact? If the structure is confusing, how could it be improved? What do you like about the story?

I chose to review Kate Newton’s Storify, ‘The Already Outstanding Ekka Show Ramps Up Discounts on Transport‘, as I thought that she did an excellent job of covering a very interesting aspect of the event which many people would not have considered. Her focus on the transport to and from the event and how this affected the event attendees was very well thought out.

I think the main audience of the article would be people who are local to Brisbane and attended the event this year or are looking to attend in the future. It is informative to these potential future attendees as it provides helpful details about how to get to the event next year, and it is also a nice reflection on the event for those who did attend.

I learnt that the event attracts half a million visitors over 10 days, which is much larger than I originally thought. I was also not aware that the event had been running for 138 years, or that Translink added over 370 extra bus, ferry and train services to help accommodate for transport to the event. Therefore, I think that this story was extremely successful in educating readers with a variety of interesting facts.

The only way that I could think to improve this story would have been to perhaps have a few more twitter interviews of attendees, stallholders and event organisers (with pictures) to showcase the individual experiences of the event and give the story a bit more of a personal feel.

The structure, however, was very good and I have no recommendations for improvement, as I feel that she introduced her most important information first and spread all of her tweets and other media well throughout the story and in appropriate places.

Overall, I like the diversity of the information that she included, and that she decided to take a slightly different angle when covering the event, whilst still including the basic facts.

You did a fantastic job Kate 🙂


One thought on “Week 9 – 2. Practical: Review a peer’s Storify submission

  1. Hello Dana….
    I wanna start saying you have done a great job during the last 10 weeks, your blogs are really well done. However, if you do not mind I would like to suggest you to include more photos along with the information.


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