Week 7 – 1. Practical: Review Assessment 1

a. Review your items for Assessment 1 which is due at the end of this week and correct any spelling, style, and punctuation errors.

b. Now review Assessment 1 items against the Marking Key checklist linked to the Resources section on this website.

Did you pick up all issues on your first proofread?

Were there many?

Do you think you corrected them all?

Was it helpful having a checklist?

Do you think it will make a difference to your overall result?

Unfortunately, due to full time work I was unable to complete this Blog Task before I submitted my assignment, and therefore my assignment has been submitted and I will not be able to change any mistakes that I find when I use the checklist.

The first thing that I picked up on was my use of figures, and that in some places I did not put numbers over 10 as figures and I instead spelled them out.

My quoting methods appear to all be correct and I wouldn’t have needed to change them at all. They are all punctuated correctly and only use says or said when attributing a source. I was also very careful to introduce each source with an indirect quote and then the direct quote, and my attribution is consistent with the style of news writing.

My punctuation also seems to be in check, as I have used no semi-colons, uncapitalised ‘i’s and I have only capitalised proper nouns.

I also think that I achieved an alright writing style, although there is probably room for improvement. I tried to keep my writing active and succinct, there were no publication titles to italicise and I tried to keep repetition out of it.

I don’t think that there were many errors that I picked up on my first proofread, and all that I really had to do was rearrange a few sentences to make them flow better.

I didn’t need the checklist to fix many errors, so I don’t think that having done this exercise before I submitted would have made much difference to my overall mark.

Reference List

CQUniversity 2014, COMM11007: Media Writing, Marking key checklist, CQUniversity, CQUniversity e-courses, http://moodle.cqu.edu.au/


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