Week 6 – 1. Practical: Take a series of photos and caption them

a. Take a series of photos. These can be of an event, or simply ‘a day in the life of’.

b. Caption each photo so that the detail of the moment is captured, and that together, they represent a story to a reader/viewer.

c. Essentially, this is a photo-essay but it is entirely reliant on the captions to build and tell the story.

d. Pay attention to technical detail in your captions.

e. You may use Flickr/Storify or any other platform to build your photo-essay, but you should then link this to your blog.


Waking up in a foreign bed whilst house-sitting for friends is definitely a strange feeling.


The morning begins with Lucia, the chocolate lab, watching on intently as I prepare her breakfast.


Then it is time to prepare myself for the day, with a multitude of products to make myself look and smell nice.


The day, of course, cannot go on without the puppy being played with in the backyard.


The majority of the day is spent at the CQU Bundaberg library working on assignments. 


In the afternoon, Lucia insists that she is taken for a long, fast-paced walk around the Avoca neighbourhood.


The day is finally over and finished with a delicious meal of spaghetti and meatballs, shared with family.


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