Week 3 – 1. Practical: Register a Storify Account

a. Register a Storify account:

My new Storify account is DanaBishop_.

b. Spend time reviewing other Storify accounts.

CNN Politics is a highly regarded Storify account, as it is run by CNN. Their most recent story ‘Obama tweets at members of Congress over Iran Deal‘ compiles a list of tweets about Obama’s new Iran deal. I was interested to find that there was a lot of tweets, but not a huge amount of  the author’s own writing to link the tweets, which is what I thought was the point of Storify.

ABC News is another prominent account as it is one of the main Australian News Broadcasting Networks. Their story on ‘Australia’s sporting stars, fans stand with Adam Goodes‘ included a bit more of their own writing to link all of the different pieces of media, and was well curated in my opinion.

c. Identify an issue to follow and compile your first story. It doesn’t need to be huge – just a few tweets.

The issue that I decided to compile my first story on was that of the breaking news about the linkage of the discovered debris on Reunion Island to the missing plane from flight MH370. My story can be found here: ‘Breakthrough in MH370 investigation‘.

d. Reflect on your experience on your blog. What seems to ‘make the news’ on Storify? Can you see the usefulness of this as a way to tell stories? If so, how? If not, why not?

Firstly, I thought I would conduct a bit of research into what Storify really is. They describe themselves as ‘Storify lets you curate social networks to build social stories, bringing together media scattered across the Web into a coherent narrative. We are building the story layer above social networks, to amplify the voices that matter and create a new media format that is interactive, dynamic and social’ (Storify, 2012).

However, as Rorabaugh and Stommel (2012) suggest, Storify is actually about organising already existing content from various social media networks, and therefore a layer ‘beneath’ the social networks.

From my browsing, I found there to be quite a vast array of things mentioned as ‘news’ on Storify, from the hard news of war and politics, to the soft news of weather and celebrity activity.

I can fully see the usefulness of this tool to tell stories if it is used in the intended manner.

Baer (2015) lists 5 important things that need to be considered if content curation is to be successful:

1. Identify Your Audience

2. Focus Your Content Sharing

3. Curate Content That is of Impeccable Quality

4. Curate Consistently

5. Brand Yourself, not Your Company

Detailed descriptions of these can be found in the article here.

I think that just compiling a long list of tweets without adding original commentary to link them is pointless as a viewer may just as well log onto Twitter and search a particular hashtag and still receive the same information. It is a very valuable way to express how one believes different parts of a story or issue may link up or provide background information on eachother.

For a journalist, Storify is invaluable, as it can allow them to support their tweets and articles with other reliable sources. From a business standpoint, Cisnero (2014) suggests that ‘content curation’ is highly valuable as a way to maintain an online presence and filter what their audience sees.

Either way, it is a highly valuable tool, and content curation is an essential skill for all journalists to learn.

Reference List

Baer, Jay. 2015. “Content Curation – 5 Ways to Succeed…Eventually” Accessed 6 August, 2015. http://www.convinceandconvert.com/content-marketing/content-curation-5-ways-to-succeed-eventually/

Cisnero, Kristina. 2014. “A Beginner’s Guide to Content Curation” Accessed 6 August, 2015. http://blog.hootsuite.com/beginners-guide-to-content-curation/

Rorabaugh, Pete and Jesse Strommel. 2012. “How to Storify. Why to Storify.” Accessed 6 August, 2015. http://www.hybridpedagogy.com/journal/how-to-storify-why-to-storify/

Storify, 2012, “Let’s learn to Storify!” Accessed 6 August, 2015. https://storify.com/madelinep/let-s-learn-to-storify


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