Week 2 – 3. Technical: Complete Quiz 2 – Grammar Rules

Reflect on the quiz briefly. Did you find the questions difficult? Did you have any problems in specific areas? 

I found this quiz to be relatively easy, however due to not paying enough attention, I required 2 attempts to gain a mark of 100%. The first time that I attempted it, I got questions 8 & 10 incorrect due to misreading them.

In question 8, I selected ‘All of the above’ as I did not read to select the option that was of best fit, and I did not check the relevant passage in the textbook to see if all 3 options were listed.

In question 10, I did the opposite, and selected only one option instead of ‘All of the above’ as I did not read the relevant passage thoroughly to see that all three other options were just as important.

This weeks test really highlighted the importance of thoroughly reading materials and gaining a full understanding of them before you dive into doing anything with the information that they contain.


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