Week 2 – 1. Practical: Register a Twitter Account

This week’s practical task involved the creation of a Twitter account to be used for journalism purposes in the coming weeks of the course. I have never used Twitter before, as I have always taken a critical stance toward it because of  the type of content that most members of the public choose to upload. However, this course is already opening my eyes to the positive uses of social media in a journalism in a professional context. I can now appreciate the importance of utilising this social media platform to create short, succinct and informative statements that can be regularly updated to report on live events as they unfold. Twitter provides journalists with the ability to broadcast news almost instantaneously to viewers and its social media interface also facilitates audience feedback, which is essential in creating two-way communication.

@DanaBishop_ is my account.

Following 5/5 Following 4/5 Following 3/5 Following 2/5 Following 1/5

After being instructed to follow at least 20 journalists, I started following general news accounts and then finding their journalists through the ‘Who To Follow’ function of Twitter. I am currently following 35 journalist and news accounts that report on both a local and global scale.


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